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Transmission Service

The most extensive kind of regular transmission repair is comprehensive transmission service. We not only change the transmission fluid and filter, but we also inspect numerous elements to ensure they are in good operating order. The transmission sump and pan are investigated. We sanitize the transmission pan. The pan’s gasket material is replaced. While the pan is being replaced, we inspect the gearbox for friction damage and metal particles. We will notify you if your transmission exhibits excessive wear that is substantial enough to warrant consideration. If there are any major difficulties, our car mechanic will advise you on the best plan of action. Auto Repair Shop Colorado Spring can assist you with car Transmission Services in Colorado Springs.


You may put fuel in your car time after time (or more in certain situations), but your automobile depends on a variety of certain other fluids to get wherever it needs to go. These fluids must be emptied and replaced on a regular basis to verify that they are free of pollutants that could cause difficulties inside the systems in which they work; this procedure is known as a fluid flush. Our experts at Auto Repair Shop Colorado Spring provide these services and also more with immaculate and skillful work. Caring for and maintaining a vehicle is a key aspect of ensuring an automobile’s long-term durability for a good plus valuable time and outstanding Transmission Services in Colorado Springs.
Car Maintenance

Fluid Exchanges

The fluids in your automobile engine are similar to those in your system. They are responsible for lubricating, cleaning, and cooling the engine. They keep it alive, or at the very least, operating effectively. Your car will require a fluid transfusion after a certain period of time (the length of which is dictated by the company’s guidelines and the type of driving done). In addition to nine oil change packages. Fluid exchanges service is essential to keep your vehicle going smoothly because cleaning and deconstruction keep the device going without flaw. Our experts know the best way to do it and deal with Colorado Spring Transmission Services without problems that may even have the slightest chance of occurring.


Colorado Spring Auto Shop offers you services for your vehicle’s sustenance throughout the year, regardless of the circumstance; with proficient work demonstrated by our work, we deliver the best replacements. Regardless of the ups and downs, our relationship with electrical services remains constant; all we care about is providing our clients with the services and necessities they demand without hesitation or uncertainty. The company’s major goal is to offer the best services to our consumers while avoiding future complaints; this is something that our expert team also excels at. Our specialists at Auto Repair Shop Colorado Spring offer these and other services with precision and skill. Caring for and maintaining a vehicle is an important part of assuring its effectiveness for a good plus useful time and amazing Transmission Services in Colorado Springs.

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Did you know? According to the Magnusen-Moss Act of 1975, you can bring your car to Courtesy Automotive for routine maintenance and your manufacturer is obligated by law to honor the manufacturer’s warranty.