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Tire Sales &

We also offer tire sales and services for our customers. Professional tire mounting, installation, and balancing are required to ensure optimum tire life and overall vehicle security. Vibrations created by inadequately positioned tires might result in premature tire and suspension damage. Tires that have been inappropriately mounted may break, leading to an accident.


Our Tire Sales and Services can be availed throughout the year from Cheapest Car Repair in Colorado Springs. Despite the roughs and toughs, all we care about the most is our client services and needs delivering, without any sort of hesitation and reluctance. Our primary motive is to provide our client with the best possible services, without any complaints being received our way later, which is also what our experienced worker’s experts at. Tire Sales and Services with much more, we’re best at our work, and we know all the best methods to prove our professionalism through our services.

Summer and Winter

Colorado Spring Auto Shop provides you with services all summer and winter with proficient work proven through our job. Our Tire Sales and Services are available throughout summers and winters, regardless of the ups and downs; all we concentrate on is supplying our client services and requirements without uncertainty or reluctance. Our fundamental goal is to serve our clients with the greatest services available, without receiving any complaints, later on, that’s also what our professional personnel are specialists at. We comprehend that weather conditions largely affect a vehicle’s condition as well. Through summers, an automobile might undergo uncertain situations, whereas, in winters, a vehicle might face harsh cold conditions that might be regarding rough vehicle performance. The tires might wear out or deteriorate, so our services are available for clients in the summer and winter seasons. So, to solve these problems, we provide tire sales and services in Foreign Car Repair Colorado Spring.

Same day service

Our Foreign Car Repair Colorado Spring auto shop is proficient in fulfilling the client needs that our fast but excellent service can be acquired by our customers within a single day. Through all the worn-out products, we can replace or change them according to the condition of the vehicle and submit your automobile to you on the same day. Our clients are our first priority, and based on this priority; we make sure that they don’t have to suffer through their needs by having their car stuck in a workshop for days. Therefore our same day service is our bonus point that gives our customers a happy wave and a rush of relief when they hear about this service.
Air Filter​​

Tire Patches and Hole Repair

Tire patches are an excellent solution to fix larger holes that cannot be sealed, and they often endure for the length of the tire’s life. A decent tire patch can survive until the tire is ready to be changed due to wear and tear rather than damage. A qualified mechanic can assist you in determining the best repair for your tire so that you can get everything out of this. Patching or mending a tire will be considerably cheaper than changing a tire every time it develops a hole or develops another problem. Replacing a tire can be quick and simple, and it often charges very little. Patches are also one that can be done fast, on the spot, and with no significant downtime for the car. For great services and repairs, visit Colorado Spring Auto Repair Shop is located nearby and provides the best accessibility for Tires.

Nitrogen Install

Tire inflation is critical for a variety of reasons. Having all four tires tuned to specific pressures helps automobiles to carry their maximum rating weight while also providing good performance. When the pressure in any tire varies, you may experience steering or tugging. A lack of pressure can also cause damage to the tire’s sidewall if driven for a longer length of time. Overinflation can cause the tire’s central tread to deteriorate prematurely and impact tire wear. With such a wide range of temperatures, it might be challenging to keep a consistent set tire pressure. This is due to the fact that air contains a certain amount of moisture or water. The moisture expands at high temperatures and contracts at low temperatures. It’s a wise decision to have Colorado Spring Auto Repair Shop’s experts work in nitrogen install with their team of pros without complaints or mistakes.

Tires with Precision & Efficiency

All four of your vehicle’s tires need to be maintained in proper condition, ensuring they provide enough traction for safe control in all driving conditions. Whether you drive 5,000 or 50,000 miles per year, attention to your tires is always important, and you’ll benefit from a shop with the highest levels of knowledge and experience. That shop is Courtesy Automotive Service Center in Colorado Springs, CO, family owned and operated for 30 years. Our capable hands will address all your tire needs with precision and efficiency, keeping you driving safely at all times.

Our Customer Focus in Tires

Since 1989, Courtesy Automotive Service Center has been serving drivers throughout Colorado Springs and El Paso County with the best in tires, always with a focus on our customers’ desires and wishes. At the same time, our ASE-Certified technicians give full attention to detail in every tire-related procedure they perform. We can get you any brand name and style of tires you prefer, for whatever make you drive. In every case, we guarantee lasting results across the board. All tires we sell and service are covered by our own nationwide warranty protection, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.


Your Satisfaction in Tires

Courtesy Automotive Service Center is a shop that’s always evolving with changing trends in the automotive service industry. We’re proud to utilize the very latest digital technology to conduct thorough inspections of every vehicle, including photos of all trouble spots. You’ll have your long-term automotive health plan in hand, along with our expert advice, allowing you to make informed repair decisions on your own schedule, beyond just your tires. We’re proud to deliver “courtesy service at a courtesy price,” mindful of your satisfaction while proving ourselves as your trusted alternative to any dealership.

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  • 2-Year/24,000-Mile Warranty Protection

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Did you know? According to the Magnusen-Moss Act of 1975, you can bring your car to Courtesy Automotive for routine maintenance and your manufacturer is obligated by law to honor the manufacturer’s warranty.