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Wheel alignment is a critical component of vehicle maintenance since it influences a device’s handling qualities, which can impair overall safety. Aside from safety and handling, keeping proper alignment may also increase the lifespan of your tires and prevent wear – ensuring you get the best deal from your tires while also increasing fuel usage. When compared to misaligned automobiles, having the perfect wheel alignment enhances vehicle control and steering while also lowering braking distances. A suspension is a device that protects the car from road shock and enables the driver to steer appropriately. A properly working suspension system stabilizes the automobile, smoothest the trip, and keeps the axle spacing and alignment correct. Alignment and Suspension Service near you can be dealt with by Colorado Spring Auto Repair with the best possible services you may ever acquire.

Lifted Jeep alignments

When it comes to wheel alignment on a factory Jeep JK, there are very few changeable components. The control arms, track bars, and ball joints are not adjustable, and because it has a straight axle, there is no camber adjustment. The drag link and tie rod are both customizable, allowing an alignment company to center your steering wheel and set the device’s wheel toe, and then take your money. Alignment and Suspension Service with lifted jeeps can be dealt with in an easier and safer way with Colorado Spring Auto Repair and their team of workers that are well-experienced in the tasks they perform.
Lifted Jeep Alignment

Lifted Trucks

After around 10,000 miles of driving, you’ll have to get your truck aligned. It is usual for a vehicle’s suspension system to become misaligned over time. If you wait much longer, you risk damaging your truck’s suspension system, resulting in more major maintenance down the road. You may mistakenly understand that the problem is due to worn tires, but you actually require a decent vehicle alignment. Cheapest Car Repair in Colorado Springs is ready to supply you with the highest quality exchange, replacement, or Car Repair in Colorado for Alignment and Suspension Service in the area.

Leaf Springs

As the automotive industry grew, leaf springs were an essential element of most early automobiles. Leaf spring technology is still used as the principal suspension component in many pick-up trucks, SUVs, elevated cars, heavy and light-duty trailers, commercial vehicles, rail cars, buses, motorhomes, pull-behind RVs, and many other motorized and non-motorized vehicles and trailers today. Because of the distinctive construction of a leaf spring, we can construct each spring to withstand the required weight.


Struts are an essential component for the good running of a car. They help you run a safe trip on the road; however, if your vehicle’s struts cause a problem, it’s time for you to change it. Rather than disassembling a strut assembly and simply replacing the damper, it is preferable to utilize an all-new, completely completed unit, such as the Gabriel fully prepared illustrated below. This reduces labor costs for the client and supplies all new parts such as coil springs, bumpers, and dust covers, upper bearing mounts, and so on. As a result, the consumer has a complaint-free assembly.


Colorado Spring Auto Repair Shop also provides aftermarket services as part of its alignment services. Colorado Spring Auto Shop provides you with services throughout the year, with our work demonstrating our expertise. Our aftermarket services are available; all we care about is supplying our clients with the services and essentials they require without delay or uncertainty. Our key goal is to deliver the greatest services to our clients while avoiding future complaints; this is something that our professional crew excels at as well. Cheapest Car Repair in Colorado Springs is prepared to provide you with the best quality exchange, replacement, or Car Repair in Colorado for aftermarket services in the town.
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Tire Rods

Tie rods aid in the pushing and pulling of the front tires as the steering wheel is rotated. They are critical to the performance of your device’s steering as well as your safety. And, like most parts, they fail due to the natural wear and tear of daily driving. Faulty tie rods can cause inconsistent steering, drifting, and excessive tire wear. It’s a smart option to have the experts at Colorado Spring Auto Shop analyze steering issues and, if required, repair or replace tie rods with their team of professionals without complaints and faults.

Rack & pinion steering system replacement & repair

Rack and pinion systems are made up of two basic components: a linear gear known as the rack and a circular gear known as the pinion. A rack and pinion system’s purpose is to smoothly convert rotational motion from the steering wheel into linear motion to turn the wheels. When the wheels of a rack and pinion system are turned, the gears attached to the wheels turn, causing the linear gears to move as well. These gears are linked to inner and outer tie rods, which are linked to the axles. Most modern mini and midsize automobiles and SUVs have rack and pinion steering systems. Larger trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are more likely to employ a revolving ball steering system than a rack and pinion system. Foreign Car Repair Colorado Spring is here to help you with your vehicle’s maintenance and repair in the best way possible.
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Air ride

The term refers to shipping trucks that include a suspension system that employs a compressor to expand a bellows-like air spring for a smoother, more consistent ride. Electronic controls on air-ride vans indicate that the suspension system is self-leveling, ensuring that cargo remains smooth and balanced during its voyage. As you’d expect from a vehicle with air-riding suspension, vans with this technology provide a smoother ride with fewer lumps and bumps, lowering the likelihood of your cargo being shaken or destroyed in transport. Foreign Car Repair Colorado Spring is here to help you with your vehicle’s servicing in the best way possible.

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